Tasting notes – Quay, Sydney.

The view from our table at Quay.

We had a sneaky long weekend planned in Sydney and decided to book a table at the famous restaurant. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get a dinner booking for our dates so opted for a long lunch instead. This ended up being a blessing in disguise as we were able to snag one of the best tables in the house. We were seated smack bang in front of the Sydney Opera House with the Harbour Bridge to our left. This is definitely the restaurant to goto if you’re looking to impress someone! Our visit to Quay was prior to the restaurants refurbishment and introduction of their new menu.

The view of the Harbour bridge from our table.

Quay is quintessentially Sydney, with its view of Sydney icons and prime location at the Overseas Passenger terminal in Circular Quay. You can spend a lazy afternoon sipping wine and watching the boats float by. This is premium dining that delivers so much more than food. When you first sit down within the restaurant a sense of calm emanates as you stare out into the ocean and that iconic harbour view.  The restaurant with its vibrant seaside decor, doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is. high class elegant dining at its finest.

The Quay tower at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay.

On arrival we were informed we had a choice of a three or four course lunch menu. We decided to splurge and chose the four course menu. We were pleasantly surprised by the depth of flavour combinations within the dishes and the different textural profiles of each dish.

Amuse Bouche: Cream with finger lime.

The amuse Bouche was a blend of different textures and flavours that burst in the mouth. Creamy, sweet, tangy, crunchy.

Organic sourdough bread with house churned butter and sea salt mixed with seaweed.

Sourdough bread is one of my favourites and this loaf was beautifully crusty. The accompaniments of the salt and butter added a perfect blend of fat and seasoning.

Truffle with cream, walnuts, egg yolk.

This dish was creamy, salty and earthy and packed full of umami. The walnuts helped to give some crunch to the otherwise creamy dish.

Tea smoked wagyu with raw mushrooms.

Lots of texture with a light and clean flavour that was well balanced.

Uni with rice, crunchy fish maw, king prawns

This dish had a strong soy based umami and was probably my least favourite of the meal. The dish had a rich and strong flavour profile with a mix of crunchy and soft textures, king prawns were hidden under the rice. The dish was reminiscent of a deconstructed prawn cracker.

Broken rice congee with abalone.

Lots of ginger and spices within the dish that were well balanced with the heartiness of the abalone.

Arkady lamb with seaweed

A perfectly cooked cut of lamb that melted in your mouth in a light soy-based sauce. This dish brought to mind Japanese cuisine with its seaweed element. The crunchy greens helped to give the dish a textural depth.

Duck in xo sauce.

A rich and perfectly cooked duck breast in a hearty xo sauce with pickled turnip and crunchy stone pot rice.

Seven layer chocolate cake.

This dish was decadence on a plate. Smooth, rich and chocolatey!

The famous snow egg with pear granita and crystallised meringue.

This was completely different to the chocolate desert, it was sweet, refreshing and airy. The type of dessert you wished you could have more of!

Another view from our table

All in all, this lunch at Quay was unforgettable not only for the beautiful food but also for the stunning location in circular quay. This restaurant is  definitely worth a visit for its food and those stunning views!