The Fish House, Gold Coast

The Fish House restaurant sits opposite the Burleigh Head beach.

To celebrate our anniversary, we decided to book a table at The Fish House, a renowned seafood restaurant in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. The menu changes daily and is based on the freshest sustainably caught seafood acquired from all across Australia. The restaurant has an à la carte menu, we decided to leave the decision to the chef and ordered the chef’s menu.

The chef’s menu

From the outside, The Fish House reminds you of an old style seafood shack. The inside, however exudes a laid back sea-side elegance with posters and paintings of fish and shellfish. The big decor draw though is the refrigerated window of fresh fish on display. It’s possible to go upto the window and choose the fish you want if dining from the whole fish menu, which are renowned as a house speciality.

The fish window


The wine list is long and varied with fantastic wines from Australia and international regions. We ordered a Gerwurztraminer blend from Alsace. The wine was sweet and tangy although had enough body to cut through the more gamier dishes on the menu.

The seaside decor of the restaurant.


The freshly shucked Clare de Lune oysters were incredibly creamy and were served with osteria caviar

The first course, oysters


Seared tuna in a Japanese inspired dressing with sesame. There was great textural variety and umami in this dish.

Tuna with sesame

Lemony fish soup with blue eye

I was dubious about this soup when it was first placed in front of me, however it was absolutely delightful! A tangy pea coloured soup with a earthy fish taste. Fresh and bright on the palate.

I promise you this soup tasted ten times better than it looks!


Beautifully cooked scallops, meaty with a clean taste. Paired well with the light dressing and vegetables.



Incredibly fresh battered calamari, flash fried and served with homemade tartar sauce. The calamari was tender and went beautifully with the herby tarter sauce.

A really simple dish that was cooked perfectly.

Prawn Risotto

A lemon risotto stuffed with prawn pieces. Bright on the palate with beautifully soft chunks of prawn.

Prawn risotto.

Patagonian Toothfish

The piece de la resistance, lets be honest this is the real reason we decided to book a table at The Fish House, they are famed for serving the Patagonia Toothfish (aka Chilean sea bass). The fish was served with a miso dressing that added a rich sweetness to the oily white fish. The fish was cooked perfectly and flaked apart easily.

Simple plating for a dish that packs a punch.


The roast potatoes were amazing! All mains come with sides of salad, vegetables and potatoes.

The accompaniments to the Patagonian toothfish.

Dessert: Petit Fours

Fruit jelly: this tasted like a classy version of a roll up! It was fruity and tangy. Coconut rum balls: Made with white chocolate, they creamy and decadent. Caramel slice: old school style perfect balance between caramel biscuit and chocolate.

Petit Fours

The experience in all was a fantastic way to savour fresh seafood cooked with precision. All the dishes were paired with the best ingredients to highlight the texture, depth and subtlety of the seafood.

Decor elements at the Fish House.